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"We Need a Plan B for Europe"

by Gokhan Terzioglu, Steve Knauss & Antoine Dolcerocca

13 February 2016

Potemkin Review interviewed Eric Toussaint, President of CADTM. He presided as the scientific coordinator for the Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt established by then President of the Greek Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou in 2015.

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The Swiss Connection: The Role of Switzerland in Shell’s Corporate Structure and Tax Planning

by Eurodad

1 June 2014

A new report by Eurodad member SOMO (http://somo.nl) and Friends of the Earth Europe, entitled “The Swiss Connection”, sheds light on the role of Switzerland in Shell’s tax planning. The report concludes that Shell uses Switzerland mainly for ‘tax planning purposes’. Shell’s presence in Switzerland potentially allows the company to avoid paying a significant amount of taxes where its actual economic activities take place, including in developing countries

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The Debt Crisis : From Europe to Where?

by Damien Millet,Daniel Munevar, Eric Toussaint, Renaud Vivien

2 May 2014

Via internet, CADTM is very pleased to make this book, "Debt crisis from Europe to Where ?" published by VAK in Mumbai (India), available to a wide public. It may be freely copied by other sites and reproduced for non profit uses provided that a link to the CADTM website is clearly visible (www.cadtm.org). Feel free to send your comments and information on the personal or collective use you make of this book to info@cadtm.org. Your messages will be forwarded to the authors.

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Euromediterranean meeting on debt and audits

by Eurodad

17 March 2012

On Saturday, April 7th an Euromediterranean meeting on debt and audits will be held in Brussels in order to greater knowledge and empower coordinated actions among campaigners.

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18 February 2012

The publication of the book “ Breaking up? A Route out of the Eurozone Crisis” is of great importance at this so critical moment for Europe. It is immediately apparent the commitment of the authors for not being neutral and distant specialists who write only for connoisseurs. Their work and contributions of exceptional quality respond to the challenges facing today a troubled society that requires with its outcry and mobilization immediate responses and proposals.

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Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Public Debt in Brazil: main achievements so far

by Maria Lucia Fattorelli y Rodrigo Vieira de Ávila

12 April 2010

The Debt CPI has contributed to the discussions on the public debt in Brazil, and to disseminate the diverse and serious illegitimacies that marked the process of the Brazilian debt. The article delves on the achievements of the commission.

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August 19, 2009 : A Historic day for Brazil

by Auditoria Cidadã da Dívida

3 September 2009

August 19, 2009, was a historic day in the struggle for official auditing of public debt in Brazil, a process already drafted in the Federal Constitution of 1988, and demanded for many years by the Brazilian social movements, especially Auditoria Cidadã da Dívida ("Citizens’ Auditing the Debt"), a campaign that begun after the National Plebiscite about the Debt in 2000, in which more than 6 million Brazilians participated. At 3 p.m. on that day the 16th Plenary meeting of the House of (...)

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USA: Bernard Madoff and the SEC’s Revolving Door

by Pam Martens

31 August 2009

The long-awaited investigative report by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Inspector General on how the SEC bungled multiple investigations of Bernard Madoff is set for release this week.

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European social organizations call for next June 1-3 United Nations Summit (G- 192)

by European Cross-Sectoral Network on the Combined Crises

14 May 2009

A call to UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development (1- 3 June 2009), and especially the European leaders attending the event to focus on reforms that directly benefit people and the planet.

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Ecuador offers to buy back public bonds at 70% discount

by News Agencies

21 April 2009

Ecuador offered to repay holders of defaulted bonds as little as 30 cents on the dollar. Yhe proposal was launched as a resolution for the 2012 and 2030 Global Bonds

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