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Bank of the South

Bank of the South is formalized

by News Agencies

29 September 2009

Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela signed on September 26th. the foundational document on the sidelines of the Africa-South America Summit in Margarita Island, Venezuela, last night, after almost four years of attempts to form a regional financial institution.

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Beyond the World Creditors’ Cartel

by Dariush Sokolov

20 August 2009

In Latin America and elsewhere, the IMF may be re-emerging-but in a changed landscape.

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South American Trade and Currency Volatility

by Tony Phillips

9 June 2009

Latin America is rich in real terms, however its financial infrastructure is primitive. This means that many national and international transactions pass unnecessarily via northern financial centers, sometimes requiring two hard currency conversions from buyer currency to dollar to seller currency.

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Challenges and Possibilities: Learning from ALBA and the Bank of the South

by Martin Hart-Landsberg

22 May 2009

Three trends are highlighted : the failure of neoliberalism, the growing crisis of the East Asian model, and South American efforts to shape as well as advance an alternative development vision. It concludes with a brief discussion of responses to the challenges generated and possibilities afforded by these trends, highlighting six lessons for those working to build a more egalitarian, democratic, and sustainable world

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