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Debt Crisis

Debt has risen rapidly in emerging markets and developing economics since 2010

por World Bank

12 de enero de 2020

The latest debt wave, since 2010, has already witnessed the largest, fastest and most broad-based increase in debt in these economies, according to the Global Waves of Debt report.

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Saldos de deuda, tasas de interés en el G7, países emergentes y México

by Victor Manuel Isidro Luna

19 July 2018

Estar endeudado puede resultar peligroso sobre todo si no se disfrutan de condiciones en el largo plazo para el pago. En la gráfica 1 se presenta la deuda del gobierno federal como porcentaje del Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) de 1800 a 2015 con datos del Fondo Monetario Internacional para los países del G7 (Alemania, Canadá, Francia, Italia, Japón, Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos). Se puede observar que, durante el período de la guerra de Inglaterra contra Francia en el siglo XVIII, años antes (...)

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Bank For International Settlements Warns Of Looming Debt Bubble

by Kenneth Rapoza

11 February 2017

Global debt-to-GDP is now at a comfortable record high and the Bank for International Settlements, aka the central bank of central banks, noted on Friday that over the last 16 years, debts of governments, households and corporations has gone up...everywhere.

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by E-Toussaint

18 December 2016

On 7 December 2016 Greece remitted €299 million to the IMF. This sum corresponds to a part of the “bail-out” that was granted in 2010 and is all at the same time illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable.

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Mozambique admits financial collapse and plans to restructure debt

por News Agencies

6 de noviembre de 2016

The Government of Mozambique officially admitted the financial inability of the state to pay the next installments of the debts of public companies with hidden loans, and called for a restructuring of payments and a new financial aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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"We Need a Plan B for Europe"

by Gokhan Terzioglu, Steve Knauss & Antoine Dolcerocca

13 February 2016

Potemkin Review interviewed Eric Toussaint, President of CADTM. He presided as the scientific coordinator for the Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt established by then President of the Greek Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou in 2015.

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The Gigantic growth of debt in China

by Jim Edwards

9 January 2016

Now, the Chinese economy is slowing. But China hasn’t stopped adding more debt. About five years ago, Chinese debt levels began accelerating far faster than GDP

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Argentina’s vulture fund crisis - global implications


4 July 2014

Argentina’s ’vulture fund’ crisis threatens profound consequences for international financial system: UNCTAD
In a special essay analyses the Argentinian debt-restructuring crisis and reiterates its long-standing call for a sovereign debt workout mechanism. UNCTAD is the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development based in Geneva.

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US Supreme Court Declines to Review Widely Opposed Ruling on Argentine Debt: Why?

by Mark Weisbrot

23 June 2014

Last week, the United States Supreme Court decided not to review a ruling in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals whose effect is that Argentina must pay “holdout” creditors who refused to participate in debt restructuring agreements that Argentina reached with the majority of bondholders following the 2001 default on its sovereign debt.

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Tribute to the combat of Cephas Lumina, independent UN expert against odious and illegitimate national debt


11 June 2014

For many years, the UN Human Rights Council has been preoccupied by the question of public debt. Within this organ of the United Nations, an independent expert is charged with examining the effects of external debt on human rights. Cephas Lumina, who has occupied the post since 2008, has just completed his mandate.

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