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Debt Relief Initiatives

USA: New wave of housings foreclosures

by Mike Whitney

21 April 2009

Due to the lifting of the foreclosure moratorium at the end of March, the downward slide in housing is gaining speed.

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Ecuador offers to buy back public bonds at 70% discount

by News Agencies

21 April 2009

Ecuador offered to repay holders of defaulted bonds as little as 30 cents on the dollar. Yhe proposal was launched as a resolution for the 2012 and 2030 Global Bonds

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The crisis is far from over

by Michel Husson

19 April 2009

The degree of coordination among the capitalist authorities (governments, banks, IMF, sovereign wealth funds, European institutions, etc.) is advancing under the pressure of the emergency. But it is not enough to make us envisage the establishment of a new Bretton Woods.

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G20: How Not to Rule the World

by Jayati Ghosh

13 April 2009

Not much could have been expected from this G20 Summit. Despite the urgency of a global economy going rapidly over the cliff, there is still too much disagreement about most issues among the members. Even so, the resulting communiqué released with so much fanfare is deeply disappointing.

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ROMANIA: Pushed by Crisis Into Dubious Borrowing

by Claudia Ciobanu

9 April 2009

It remains unclear whether the IMF deal will bring to Romania the cushioning it needs against the global financial crisis, especially if the government does not pursue a coherent anti-crisis strategy. The political leaders themselves seem uncertain of the consequences of the IMF deal.

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by Stephan Kueffner

6 April 2009

China will lend Ecuador $1 billion for investments in the oil, refining and electricity industries, Economy Minister Diego Borja said.

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Latin America : Argentina and China to sign inedit $10.2 blllion currency swap deal

by News Agencies

31 March 2009

Argentina and China have tentatively agreed to swap equivalente $10.2 billion worth of their currencies to enable South America’s second-largest economy to avoid using dollars in trade between the nations, banking officials said Monday.

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CZECH REPUBLIC AND HUNGARY: Financial Crisis Takes Political Toll

by Zoltán Dujisin

30 March 2009

The weak governments in Hungary and the Czech Republic have fallen, raising questions on the future of liberal economic reform and the influence of the U.S., the European Union and Russia in the region.

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"TOXIC ASSETS" OF US BANKS: Why the Geithner Plan Will Fail

by Patrick Madden

27 March 2009

The Geithner plan assumes that the toxic assets that the banks hold can be detoxified to re-start lending; it assumes that there is no problem with the fundamentals of the global economy

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Good Money After Bad : Billions More for Failed Banks

by Dean Baker

25 March 2009

As a result, the banks are likely to still have several hundred billion of bad assets on their books even after this plan has been put in place. The Obama administration will then be forced to go to Congress with yet another bailout proposal

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