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Debt Relief Initiatives

Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism

by Monica Langley

24 March 2009

In recent days, in spite of public furor over huge bonuses paid at American International Group Inc., the administration has concluded that it needs the private sector to play a central role in fixing the economy.

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by James K. Galbraith

21 March 2009

Why the economic crisis, and its solution,
are bigger than you think.

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Has the economy gone over the edge?

by Lee Sustar

19 March 2009

The epicenter of the crisis remains the U.S. financial system, where "zombie" banks—that is, insolvent ones like Citigroup—continue to swallow hundreds of billions in government funds, even as they are unable or unwilling to make new loans themselves.

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Will IMF loans hurt the poor this time around?

by Bretton Woods Project

15 February 2009

While the IMF undertakes high-speed reviews into its lending instruments and conditionality, it continues to make crisis loans with heavy conditionality that may adversely impact the poor in developing countries.

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by Jubilee South

28 January 2009

Jubilee South will be participating in numerous activities during the coming edition of the World Social Forum in Belém, Brazil, and we invite you to join us!!

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From Debt to Development

by Lidy B. Nacpil

18 November 2005

Development is a concept and a process that encompasses all of the dimensions of human life - economic, political, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, gender and sexual, as well as the interaction of humanity with the earth and environment. All of these dimensions are interrelated and mutually influencing. It is thus impossible to address the question of social development without taking into account the economic context and economic requirements for fulfilling social development (...)

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The G8 2005 - What are the lessons?

by Jubilee Research

11 July 2005

The Gleneagles Summit was a litmus test of the G8’s ability to make a positive contribution to making the world a better place if it had the will to do so - and it has failed miserably. Even with key global issues at the top of the agenda, a chair professing strong commitment to achieving progress on them, and unprecedented popular pressure on the G8 leaders to do so in their own countries and elsewhere, the G8 still proved incapable of making any commitment to fulfil its past promises, let (...)

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