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European Union

How the Banks Do It

by Donald Mackenzie

2 May 2013

The insurance that taxpayers provide to banks has the effect of making it seem to bankers that it is much cheaper for them to take on debt to fund their assets than to raise cash from shareholders, for example by issuing new shares.

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Cyprus - whose crisis?

by Petros Kosmas

29 March 2013

Cyprus’s banking sector did not grow so recklessly and to an unsustainable size in order to best serve Cypriots’s social and economic needs.

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Greece already defaulted on the creditors’ terms; what they fear is default on the debtor’s terms

by Christina Laskaridis

19 May 2012

What is being witnessed in Greece is a full blown example of being trapped in the debtor’s prison of current sovereign debt resolution mechanisms, where creditors are both judge and jury

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Living in debtocracy. Debt in the North: Learning from the South - 7th and 8th October in Madrid

by Network for the Abolition of External Debt and the Recognition of the Ecological Debt - Who owes whom?

24 September 2011

The meeting "Living in debtocracy: Debt in the North: learning from the South" will seek to provide keys to understand and tackle debt and the current economic crisis we are suffering.
IES Lope de Vega - Calle San Bernardoo 70 (esquina calle Daoíz 4)

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European Parliament discusses developing country crisis impacts and responses

by Eurodad

9 September 2009

On 3 September the European Parliament Development Committee discussed the effects of the economic crisis on developing countries.

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President of United Nations General Assembly rejects European criticism to G-192 declaration on capitalist crisis


13 May 2009

The President of United Nations General Assembly, Miguel D’Escoto, criticized European countries for rejecting without justification the draft for a declaration of the world leaders Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis (G-192) to be hold in New York from June 1 to 3 to debate and propose alternatives to the international crisis.

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E.U. Meeting- Doubts and debates due Eastern Europe’s critical financial situation

by News Agencies

1 March 2009

The EU "27" leaders extraordinary Summit concluded with questions on whether statements about unity and solidarity in dealing with the world financial crisis were true or an alibi for the implementation of side policies.

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