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by Global Financial Integrity

26 December 2015

This report, the latest in a series of annual reports by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), provides
estimates of the illicit flow of money out of the developing world-hereafter referred to as illicit
financial flows (IFFs) or illicit outflows-from 2004 to 2013, the most recent ten years for which data
are available

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The Swiss Connection: The Role of Switzerland in Shell’s Corporate Structure and Tax Planning

by Eurodad

1 June 2014

A new report by Eurodad member SOMO (http://somo.nl) and Friends of the Earth Europe, entitled “The Swiss Connection”, sheds light on the role of Switzerland in Shell’s tax planning. The report concludes that Shell uses Switzerland mainly for ‘tax planning purposes’. Shell’s presence in Switzerland potentially allows the company to avoid paying a significant amount of taxes where its actual economic activities take place, including in developing countries

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ICELAND: Replacing the neoliberal model with a sustainable model

by Lilja Mósesdóttirheld

21 April 2014

Presentation held at the conference: „TOGETHER we can put an end to the problems of debt and austerity in Europe !” by the European Left, April, 10th, 2014, Brussels

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Greece: the neo-colonial loan agreement explained

by Leonidas Vatikiotis

2 April 2012

This is a suicidal term, preventing the government from using the legal tools that even the creditor friendly Papademos government activated in order to turn an insufficient voluntary participation to the bond swap into a coercive one.

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Lost billions: Transfer pricing in the extractive industries

by Alex Marriage

18 February 2012

Eurodad partners Publish What You Pay Norway has released a new report on transfer pricing in the extractive industries

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Haiti: Grants to repay an odious debt ?

by Eric Toussaint - Sophie Perchellet

18 January 2010

There is a great risk that one of the largest relief operations in history will be similar in nature to the tsunami relief efforts in 2004, unless a radically different approach to a reconstruction model is adopted.

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by News Agencies

6 January 2010

The president of Iceland blocked a hard-fought $5 billion compensation deal with the British and Dutch governments on Tuesday, upending the precarious finances and politics of the island nation and further jeopardizing already frayed ties with Europe and international lenders.

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by Nouriel Roubini

2 December 2009

Although Dubai World’s financing issues are not a surprise and are relatively small given global credit losses, they are a reminder that the vulnerabilities and imbalances that contributed to the credit crunch have not disappeared.

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United States- Unemployment Compensation: A Broken System

by Marianne Hill

24 September 2009

Lower-income families have fewer assets to see them through rough economic times, and their extended families are also hard-pressed as demands upon them increase.

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USA: Bernard Madoff and the SEC’s Revolving Door

by Pam Martens

31 August 2009

The long-awaited investigative report by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Inspector General on how the SEC bungled multiple investigations of Bernard Madoff is set for release this week.

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