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Free Trade

The Pending Challenges of Development

by Martin Khor

20 June 2016

The Declaration on the Right to Development, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1986 (as Document 41/128) is 30 years old. It is appropriate to celebrate this anniversary. For the right to development has had great resonance among people all over the world, including in developing and poor countries.

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The Challenges for Regional Integration - Bolivia joining Mercosur and Cuba – US relations

by Julio C. Gambina

13 February 2016

Latin American Integration continues to be discussed as a way of addressing the repercussions of capitalism’s global crisis and aspiring to a different development of the global order. It is worth focussing on the challenges this situation presents, notably the move away from Mercosur’s neoliberal and liberalizing origins at the beginning of the nineties.

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Developing countries facing new economic problems

by Martin Khor

22 May 2014

New economic problems are confronting several developing countries which faced sharp currency depreciation and capital outflows at the start of 2014. These are caused by the boom-bust cycles in capital flows originating in profit-seeking investor behaviour in developed countries.

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EU-US deal could unleash a "corporate litigation boom"

by Kanaga Raja

16 June 2013

Investor-state dispute settlement under the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the Untied States would empower EU and US-based corporations "to engage in litigious wars of attrition to limit the power of governments on both sides of the Atlantic,"

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From the Arab Revolutions to Global Austerity

by Third World Network

3 May 2013

To highlight some of the complex dynamics and challenges of the IMF’s role in the Arab region, in a context of continuing popular uprisings that are calling for social and economic justice and for transforming the national development paradigm, and to link it to the waves of austerity across Europe, the US and other regions, a panel discussion titled “From the Arab Revolutions to Global Austerity,” was held on the sidelines of the spring meetings (19-21 April) of the IMF and World Bank.

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NAFTA’S Serfs: From Wage Slavery to Debt Slavery

by Kent Paterson

17 June 2009

The growing indebtedness of Mexican credit card users has actually created a new opportunity for the shadowy, high-interest lender. To pay off high-interest credit cards, some debtors look again to the agiotistas. Meanwhile,
delinquency rates on U.S. credit card accounts topped 5% at the end of the last year, with default rates continuing to climb upward during the first few months of 2009.

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China and the US dollar trap

by Sebastian Mallaby

1 June 2009

Chinese authorities are searching for a way to reduce their exposure to the greenback. The surest method would be to stop buying so many U.S. Treasury bonds; but that would mean allowing the Chinese currency to rise against the dollar, which would hurt Chinese exporters when they are already suffering.

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United States: Is the bailout plan breeding a greater crisis?

by Paul Craig Roberts

8 April 2009

If the U.S. dollar loses its reserve currency status, the United States will not be able to pay for its imports. The ensuing crisis would dwarf the current one.

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