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ICELAND: Replacing the neoliberal model with a sustainable model

by Lilja Mósesdóttirheld

21 April 2014

Presentation held at the conference: „TOGETHER we can put an end to the problems of debt and austerity in Europe !” by the European Left, April, 10th, 2014, Brussels

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The Lesson From Iceland’s Economic Recovery: Let Banks Go Bust

by Matthew Partridge

5 March 2012

Governments around the world bailed out their financial sectors. However, Iceland took a different tack. The government declared that it would only save domestic bank account holders - everyone else would have to fight over the remaining assets

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by News Agencies

6 January 2010

The president of Iceland blocked a hard-fought $5 billion compensation deal with the British and Dutch governments on Tuesday, upending the precarious finances and politics of the island nation and further jeopardizing already frayed ties with Europe and international lenders.

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Iceland goes bankrupt: New government formed as a result of economic troubles

by Brett Evans

10 February 2009

Iceland’s center-left Social Democratic Alliance Party was chosen Tuesday to form a new government with the Left-Green movement following the collapse of the conservative government amid deep economic troubles.

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