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Lender liability

Tribute to the combat of Cephas Lumina, independent UN expert against odious and illegitimate national debt


11 June 2014

For many years, the UN Human Rights Council has been preoccupied by the question of public debt. Within this organ of the United Nations, an independent expert is charged with examining the effects of external debt on human rights. Cephas Lumina, who has occupied the post since 2008, has just completed his mandate.

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by Bhumika Muchhala

10 May 2014

Debate over the role of the private sector, especially corporations and financial entities, is gaining momentum in the United Nations.

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The systemic crisis of the euro - true causes and effective therapies

by Heiner Flassbeck - Costas Lapavitsas

28 June 2013

What has gone wrong? Are the diagnoses commonly offered valid? Why do the medicines that have been prescribed not work? Could it really be possible that European politics at the highest level fails to understand the cause of the crisis and to address it with a consistent plan?

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From the Arab Revolutions to Global Austerity

by Third World Network

3 May 2013

To highlight some of the complex dynamics and challenges of the IMF’s role in the Arab region, in a context of continuing popular uprisings that are calling for social and economic justice and for transforming the national development paradigm, and to link it to the waves of austerity across Europe, the US and other regions, a panel discussion titled “From the Arab Revolutions to Global Austerity,” was held on the sidelines of the spring meetings (19-21 April) of the IMF and World Bank.

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How the Banks Do It

by Donald Mackenzie

2 May 2013

The insurance that taxpayers provide to banks has the effect of making it seem to bankers that it is much cheaper for them to take on debt to fund their assets than to raise cash from shareholders, for example by issuing new shares.

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The Lesson From Iceland’s Economic Recovery: Let Banks Go Bust

by Matthew Partridge

5 March 2012

Governments around the world bailed out their financial sectors. However, Iceland took a different tack. The government declared that it would only save domestic bank account holders - everyone else would have to fight over the remaining assets

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by Nouriel Roubini

2 December 2009

Although Dubai World’s financing issues are not a surprise and are relatively small given global credit losses, they are a reminder that the vulnerabilities and imbalances that contributed to the credit crunch have not disappeared.

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G-20 Meeting in Pittsburgh : Casino Capitalism as Usual

by Mark Engler

3 October 2009

he Group of 20 (G20) meeting in Pittsburgh (Sept. 24-25 2009) brought together leaders from the most significant players in the global economy. Unfortunately, the changes left off the table at the summit were far more significant than the modest reforms actually debated, and the few alterations that did make it into the final agreement are likely to be further watered down in implementation.

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USA: Bernard Madoff and the SEC’s Revolving Door

by Pam Martens

31 August 2009

The long-awaited investigative report by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Inspector General on how the SEC bungled multiple investigations of Bernard Madoff is set for release this week.

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US Congress divided on the need of a new stimulus package

by Bill Laforme

9 July 2009

A debt has started to develop in Washington on the and the viability or not of second federal stimulus package as, despite the massive deficits piling up in recent months, the economy is not reacting.

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