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The Pending Challenges of Development

by Martin Khor

20 June 2016

The Declaration on the Right to Development, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1986 (as Document 41/128) is 30 years old. It is appropriate to celebrate this anniversary. For the right to development has had great resonance among people all over the world, including in developing and poor countries.

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18 January 2016

An special report issued by OXFAM affirms that the global wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small wealthy elite. These wealthy individuals have generated and sustained their vast riches through their interests and activities in important economic and financial sectors- The study has included well known and recognized data sources estimating the ‘85 billionaires have the same wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population

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World Bank warns new threats of poverty due to weak economic prospects

by World Bank

6 January 2016

The World Bank has warned of new threats to efforts to reduce poverty in the developing world.

In its twice-yearly assessment of global economic prospects, the World Bank forecasts only a modest increase in growth and warns of new threats of poverty in the Thirld World.

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Solidarity with the people of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia:

by Eric Toussaint- CADTM

1 June 2014

Since May 17, floods in the Balkans have taken a heavy toll with 17 deaths in Serbia, 27 in Bosnia and 2 in Croatia. The IMF has taken advantage of the situation to offer Bosnia an “aid package” on condition that the Bosnian government agrees to carry out certain economic reforms. Exactly what form these will take has not yet been made public.

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Global financial flows, aid and development

by Eurodad

30 March 2013

This paper - written by Eurodad for CONCORD’s Aidwatch coalition - sets out all the financial resources potentially available for development. It examines their key characteristics and discusses their poverty and sustainable development impacts, as well as the implications for aid.

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More Room for Debate on Venezuela

by Mark Weisbrot

9 January 2013

Last week the New York Times did something it has never done before - in its “Room for Debate” section it offered differing views on Venezuela. In the 14 years since Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela, the Times has offered many op-eds and editorials against Venezuela - including its own editorial board piece supporting the 2002 military coup (which they later backpedaled from without apology). But they have never seen fit to publish even a single op-ed that contrasted with their editorial line (or reporting, for that matter) on this oil-rich country.

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Haiti: Grants to repay an odious debt ?

by Eric Toussaint - Sophie Perchellet

18 January 2010

There is a great risk that one of the largest relief operations in history will be similar in nature to the tsunami relief efforts in 2004, unless a radically different approach to a reconstruction model is adopted.

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Unemployment Compensation: A Broken System

by Marianne Hill

7 October 2009

Shifts in employment patterns and a tightening of eligibility requirements are behind the nationwide reduction in effective unemployment insurance coverage.

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G-20 Meeting in Pittsburgh : Casino Capitalism as Usual

by Mark Engler

3 October 2009

he Group of 20 (G20) meeting in Pittsburgh (Sept. 24-25 2009) brought together leaders from the most significant players in the global economy. Unfortunately, the changes left off the table at the summit were far more significant than the modest reforms actually debated, and the few alterations that did make it into the final agreement are likely to be further watered down in implementation.

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United States- Unemployment Compensation: A Broken System

by Marianne Hill

24 September 2009

Lower-income families have fewer assets to see them through rough economic times, and their extended families are also hard-pressed as demands upon them increase.

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