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Spain: Has austerity worked?

by David Rosnick y Mark Weisbrot

17 January 2016

This paper examines Spain’s recent economic history, both before and after its recession, with a focus on employment, contributions to GDP growth, and the current account balance. It concludes that the economic recovery that began in the second half of 2013 is not the result of austerity policies, and is unlikely to rescue Spain from mass unemployment in the foreseeable future.

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España: ¿ Ha funcionado la austeridad?

por David Rosnick y Mark Weisbrot

16 de enero de 2016

Un informe del Centro de Investigación en Economía y Política (Center for Economic and Policy Research, CEPR) concluye que la recuperación económica que inició en la segunda mitad de 2013 no es consecuencia de las políticas de austeridad y que es improbable que esta recuperación salve a España del desempleo masivo en un futuro próximo.

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by News Agencies

2 April 2012

Just hours after a general strike, which magnitude and extension were denied, Spain’s government has announced $36 billion in new budget cuts, as it attempts to reassure the European Union that it will not need a financial bailout.

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Living in debtocracy. Debt in the North: Learning from the South - 7th and 8th October in Madrid

by Network for the Abolition of External Debt and the Recognition of the Ecological Debt - Who owes whom?

24 September 2011

The meeting "Living in debtocracy: Debt in the North: learning from the South" will seek to provide keys to understand and tackle debt and the current economic crisis we are suffering.
IES Lope de Vega - Calle San Bernardoo 70 (esquina calle Daoíz 4)

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