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22 September 2013

The purpose of the attached study just issued by LATINDADD (Latin American Network on Debt,Democracy and Rights) is to analyze the impact of DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements)
on the government fi nancing system and the tax structure in Latin America,
and to open the dialogue to establish more progressive and fairer tax systems
in the region.


The Fossils Fuel War: The Rise of the Unconventionals

by John Bellamy Foster

22 September 2013

Only a few years ago governments, corporations, and energy analysts were fixated on the problem of “the end of cheap oil” or “peak oil,” pointing to growing shortages of conventional crude oil due to the depletion of known reserves.Today all of this has changed radically with the advent of what some are calling a new energy revolution based on the production of unconventional fossil fuels,


Frackonomics The Science and Economics of the Gas Boom

by Rob Larson

21 September 2013

Hydrofracking turns out to be an ideal vehicle for explaining key economic concepts of market failure and market power.


Banks bluff in a completely legal way.

by Eric Toussaint

6 July 2013

Series: Banks versus the People: the Underside of a Rigged Game! (Part 8)
Banks bluff in a completely legal way.
Eric Toussaint
If a bank posts significant losses (a major corporation goes bankrupt and cannot pay back a loan, or more often, due to losses on financial products traded on the derivatives market, such as ABS-RMBS, and CDOs, in particular linked to the real estate crisis or bad bets on how the exchange rate or interest rate will evolve, and even sometimes losses on government (...)


Year 2 of the Tunisian revolution: Private profit vs public interest

by l’Observatoire tunisien de l’économie

3 July 2013

The ongoing blackmail and the pressure by the international financial institutions are weakening the process of democratic transition, even though the IFIs officially support it. They are pushing the Tunisian government into adopting arbitrary, non-transparent and dictatorial practices


New European Union development cooperation strategies in Latin America

by Eurodad

29 June 2013

At a time when European Union institutions are discussing how to improve their financing modalities under the work of the EU blending platform, this report discusses the growing role that financial institutions and the European private sector are playing in development cooperation policies between the EU and Latin America


The systemic crisis of the euro - true causes and effective therapies

by Heiner Flassbeck - Costas Lapavitsas

28 June 2013

What has gone wrong? Are the diagnoses commonly offered valid? Why do the medicines that have been prescribed not work? Could it really be possible that European politics at the highest level fails to understand the cause of the crisis and to address it with a consistent plan?


Waving Or Drowning: Developing Countries After The Financial Crisis

by Ylmaz Akyuz

23 June 2013

Even if the crisis in the North is fully resolved, developing countries are likely to encounter a much less favourable international economic environment in the coming years than they did before the onset of the Great Recession, including weak and unstable growth in major advanced economies, a significant slowdown in China, higher US interest rates, stronger dollar and weaker commodity prices


The World Bank and the Green Climate Fund: "an ironic contradiction"?

by Andrea Rodríguez Osuna

21 June 2013

The Bretton Woods Project has just published a new article: The World Bank and the Green Climate Fund: "an ironic contradiction"? by Andrea Rodríguez Osuna, Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) highlighting concerns about the World Bank’s potential role in designing policies to determine the allocation of resources for adaptation and mitigation activities in developing countries in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Green Climate Fund.


EU-US deal could unleash a "corporate litigation boom"

by Kanaga Raja

16 June 2013

Investor-state dispute settlement under the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the Untied States would empower EU and US-based corporations "to engage in litigious wars of attrition to limit the power of governments on both sides of the Atlantic,"


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