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Setenta Personalidades de Distintos Países Europeos Firman un Manifiesto para Desobedecer Tratados Europeos ’Injustos’

por Agencias Noticiosas

17 de febrero de 2017

El manifiesto llama, a la luz de la experiencia de 2015 en Grecia, a ampliar el campo de las fuerzas que no mantienen ilusiones con respecto a la UE y la zona euro, y poner por delante una auténtica perspectiva de ruptura con la UE tal y como ahora está constituida

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Greece’s debt costs rise sharply as worries grow over IMF role

by Katie Allen and Graeme Wearden

8 February 2017

Fresh worries over Greece’s debts have pushed the country’s borrowing costs sharply higher amid renewed insistence from Athens it will not swallow further austerity demands from international lenders.

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by E-Toussaint

18 December 2016

On 7 December 2016 Greece remitted €299 million to the IMF. This sum corresponds to a part of the “bail-out” that was granted in 2010 and is all at the same time illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable.

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"We Need a Plan B for Europe"

by Gokhan Terzioglu, Steve Knauss & Antoine Dolcerocca

13 February 2016

Potemkin Review interviewed Eric Toussaint, President of CADTM. He presided as the scientific coordinator for the Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt established by then President of the Greek Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou in 2015.

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Greece: Syriza’s Win is the Beginning of the End for the Eurozone’s Long Nightmare

by Mark Weisbrot

31 January 2015

what kind of a milestone will it be? We can get some ideas from focusing on a few key issues, especially economic policy, which remain surrounded by much confusion in the public debate.

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Greece already defaulted on the creditors’ terms; what they fear is default on the debtor’s terms

by Christina Laskaridis

19 May 2012

What is being witnessed in Greece is a full blown example of being trapped in the debtor’s prison of current sovereign debt resolution mechanisms, where creditors are both judge and jury

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Greece: the neo-colonial loan agreement explained

by Leonidas Vatikiotis

2 April 2012

This is a suicidal term, preventing the government from using the legal tools that even the creditor friendly Papademos government activated in order to turn an insufficient voluntary participation to the bond swap into a coercive one.

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More Pain, No Gain for Greece

by Mark Weisbrot, Luis Alberto Montecino

12 March 2012

New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro. It looks at Greece’s experience with “internal devaluation” and finds there’s a high risk of continued prolonged recession

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We condemn the disinformation campaign on the Greek debt and the rescue plan by private creditors

by Damien Millet, Yorgos and Sonia Mitralias, Eric Toussaint, Renaud Vivien (CADTM)

12 March 2012

For the CADTM, this new plan is a hoax: while claiming to rescue Greece it actually saves the day for private creditors though they are largely responsible for the Greek debt.

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18 February 2012

The publication of the book “ Breaking up? A Route out of the Eurozone Crisis” is of great importance at this so critical moment for Europe. It is immediately apparent the commitment of the authors for not being neutral and distant specialists who write only for connoisseurs. Their work and contributions of exceptional quality respond to the challenges facing today a troubled society that requires with its outcry and mobilization immediate responses and proposals.

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