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Jubilee South


Jubilee South will be participating in numerous activities during the coming edition of the World Social Forum in Belém, Brazil, and we invite you to join us!! Information regarding these activities can be found in the attached file, which we will attempt to keep updated as information from the WSF changes. Watch also for information about JS gatherings and a global meeting of the South-North Campaign against Illegitimate Debt.

In Belém, some of the Jubilee South delegation will be housed at the CNBB Residence, TV. Barao di Triunfo, 3161 Marco. You can also reach us via mobile in Belém at 8407-3760 or 8407-3761 (Beverly or Fabrina). From outside Belem, add +55-91 as country and city codes. Also, more info on WSF here.

by Jubilee South

28 January 2009

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