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Members’ list

7 September 2005

1) The following people or bodies can become members:

# All individuals and organisations that try to find an alternative to the current system of public debt which submits the destinies of governments and populations to the creditors’ demands
# All individuals and organisations that analyse debt-related issues and the policies developed by various creditors (whether private, bilateral or multilateral).

2) Member individuals and organisations commit themselves

# to supply other members of the Observatory with any information they might have and with the analyses they have developed
# to carry out research, produce analyses and update debt-related issues.

3) The main channel of communication will be via the Internet.

4) Depending on the material means that its members can bring together, it will organise international and local conferences and seminars.

5) The Observatory will share its data base and its research with individuals and organisations that either study debt-related issues or endeavour to set up an alternative to the creditors’ rule, and it will use these data and results in its campaigns.

6) The Observatory will not try to supercede organisers of campaigns on the debt for its function is to support them with information and analyses. The Observatory will be mindful of the differences among the various debt campaigns.

7) The Observatory’s secretariat is taken on by CADTM Belgium. Its function is:

# to develop a website
# encourage collaboration among members
# stimulate research and help to publicize results.


- Member organisations of the International Debt Observatory

— Angola : Liga Jubileu 2000 Angola (LiJuA)

— Argentina: Economistas de Izquierda ( - Left-wing economists

— Bangla Desh: LOKOJ Institute,

— Belgium: CADTM Belgium (Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt) ; CNCD-11.11.11 (; ATTAC Vlaanderen (Flanders)

— Brazil: Auditoria Cidadā da divida (Citizens’ auditing of the debt); Sociedad Brasileira de Economia Politica ( (Brazilian society of political economy), Grupo de Estudios de Conyuntura (, Instituto Políticas Alternativas para el Cono Sur -PACS-

— Burkina Faso : CADTM - ATTAC
: The Social Justice Committee, Montreal, Canada ; AfricaWorld (

— Catalan country: Observatory of the Debt in a Globalized Economy (ODG)

— Colombia: CENSAT AGUA VIVA (Asociacion Centro Nacional salud, ambiente y trabajo -, ATI (Asociacion de trabajo interdisciplinario), ILSA (Instituto Latinoamericano de servicios alternativos), UNEB (Union Nacional de Empleados Bancarios -, ANTHOC (Asociacion nacional de Trabajadores Hospitalarios de Colombia), CESDE (Centro de estudios escuela para el Desarrollo), Gran Coalición democratica, CUT (Central Unitaria de Trabajadores), Plataforma de Derechos Economicos, sociales y Culturales

— Congo - Brazzaville : Solidaires, CADTM Brazzaville

— Congo (Democratic Republic) : NAD-RDC (Nouvelles Alternatives pour le Développement - RDC), Nouvelles alternatives pour le développement - Université de Kinshasa (NAD - UNIKIN), Groupe de réflexion et d’action pour la promotion rurale (GRAPR), CADTM - Lubumbashi, CIAM-Afrique

— Cuba : ANEC ((Associacion Nacional de Economistas y Contadores de Cuba - )
Centro de Investigacion sobre la Economia Mundial -CIEM-

— Ecuador: CDES (Centro de Derechos Economicos y Sociales)
Jubileo 2000 Red Guayaquil

— England: Jubilee Research @ nef (the New Economics Foundation) (a successor to Jubilee 2000)

— France: CADTM France, Association Droit-Solidarité, ATTAC France, GREITD (Groupe de Recherche sur l’Etat, l’Internationalisation des
techniques et le Développement -

— Germany: BLUE 21 (Berlin Working Group on Environment
and Development)
WEED - Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie & Entwicklung,

— Guinea Conakry: Cerida, Contact

— Haïti: PAPDA Plate-Forme Haïtienne de Plaidoyer pour un Développement Alternatif

— India: Vikas Adhyayan Kendra (VAK)

— Ivory Coast: Forum National de Lutte contre la dette et la pauvreté (FNDP)

— Jersey (Ile anglo-normande) :
ATTAC Jersey

— Mali : Jubilé 2000 - CAD/Mali (Coalition des Alternatives africaines Dette et Développement)

— Marocco : Attac Maroc

— Nicaragua: Centro de Estudios Internacionales ( )

— Niger : Réseau national Dette et Développement (RNDD)

— Norway: SLUG, Norwegian Campaign for Debt Cancellation

— Pakistan: Labour Education Foundation

— Philippines: Freedom From Debt Coalition (

— Scotland : Jubilee Scotland (

— Spain: Asociación para la Cooperación con el Sur (ACSUR)- Las Segovias,
South Africa : Jubilee South Africa

— Syria : Activists anti-globalization in Syria - AGAS - Al Badil

— Switzerland : Centre Europe - Tiers Monde (CETIM),
CADTM Switzerland

— Tunisia : RAID - ATTAC Tunisie

— Uruguay: ATTAC Uruguay

— USA: Jubilee USA
Monthly Review
Fifty Years Is Enough

— Venezuela: Red Venezolana contra la deuda (Venezuelean Network against the Debt)

— Zimbabwe : AFRODAD African Forum and Network on Debt and Development

- International networks members of the International Debt Observatory:

— CADTM international network

— Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development)

— Fundación Emancipación para la Unidad de América Latina y el Caribe

— INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development)

- List of individual members of the International Debt Observatory:

— Charles Abrahams (attorney, South Africa)

— Gilbert Achcar (politologist, France)

— Alberto Acosta (economist, Ecuador)

— Esther Aguilera (first vice-president of the Asociaciòn de Economistas de Amèrica Latina y el Caribe - AEALC -, Cuba)

— Nuri Albala (attorney, in charge of the programme Law & Solidarity at an international level - AIJD -, France)

— Marcos Arruda (Director PACS, Brazil)
Walden Bello (Director of Focus on the Global South,, Philippines)

— Alejandro Bendaña (Centro de Estudios Internacionales, Nicaragua)

— Eric Berr (tenured lecturer at the univ. of Bordeaux IV, France)

— Patrick Bond (Director of the Centre for Civil Society and professor of development studies, Univ. KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)

— Atilio Boron (executive secretary of CLACSO, the univ. of Buenos Aires,, Argentina)

— Jacques Bournay (statistician, France)

— Dennis Brutus (Poet and activist; patron, Jubilee South Africa; former political prisoner on Robben Island; professor emeritus, Africana studies, univ. of Pittsburgh Jubilee South Africa, South Africa)

— Mario Cafiero (Engineer, author of "La Argentina robada", Argentina)

— Benjamin A. Castello (president/coordinator of the Comissão de Integração Universitária e da Investigação Empresarial do Conselho Superior de Ciência e Tecnologia, Angola)

— Camille Chalmers (socio-economist, prof. at the State univ. of Haïti, director of PAPDA, coordinator of Jubilee South for the Caribbean, Haiti)

— Fathi Chamki (Spoke person Raid Attac Tunisia, CADTM member, Tunisia)

— Jacques Cossart (Economist, general secretary of scientific council ATTAC France)

— Eddie Cottle (national education co-ordinator for Jubilee South Africa, South Africa)

— Rev. Malcolm Damon (Director, Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA, South Africa)

— Ana Mary da Costa Lino Carneiro (Lawyer, Human Rights activist and trade unionist, Brazil )

— Demba Moussa Dembele (Economist, African Forum on Alternatives, Senegal)

— John Dillon (Coordinator, Global Economic Justice, KAIROS - Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives -,, Canada)

— Sameer Dossani (director 50 years is enough, USA)

— Gérard Dumenil (economist, France)

— Antonio Elias (ATTAC Uruguay, prof. at the univ. of the Republic,, Uruguay)

— Jaime Estay (prof. at the univ. of Puebla, Mexico)

— Ángel Furlan (Coordinator of “Programa de Incidencia sobre Deuda Externa Ilegítima en América Latina y El Caribe de la Federación Luterana Mundial”, Argentina)

— Julio Gambina (ATTAC Argentina, prof. at the univ. of Rosario,, Argentina)

— Tania García Lorenzo (Economist, researcher, Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Cultura Cubana Juan Marinello, Cuba)

— Mercédes Garcia Ruiz (Ph. D. univ. of La Habana, CIEI, Centro de Investigaciones de Economia Internacional, Cuba)

— Susan George (Associate Director of Transnational Institute in Amsterdam -, vice-president of ATTAC-France)

— Reinaldo Gonçalves (Prof. of Economia at the Federal univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

— Arturo Guillén (UAM, Mexico)

— Shalmali Guttal (Focus on the Global South, India)

— MP Gyose (president of Jubilee South Africa, South Africa)

— Silje Hagerup (Campaign leader of SLUG, Norwegian Campaign for Debt Cancellation, Norway)

— Joseph Hanlon (Senior Lecturer, Open University, Milton Keynes, England)

— Gladys Hernandez (CIEM, Cuba)

— Philipp Hersel (Director of BLUE 21,, Germany)

— Noreena Hertz (Cambridge, LSE, author of "I.O.U." book on the debt crisis, England )

— Claudio Katz (EDI, prof. at the univ. of Buenos Aires,, Argentina)

— Claudio Lara (Professor at the univ. of Westminster, professor at the univ. ARCIS, member of the "Conference of Socialist Economists" CSE, Chile)

— Dominique Levy (Economist, France)

— Daniel Libreros (Professor at the National univ. of Bogota/Colombia, Colombia)

— Joao Machado (Economist, prof PUC University Sao Paulo, Brazil)

— Fabio Marcelli (lawyer, author of “Il debito estero dei paesi in via di sviluppo nel diritto internazionale”, Rome, Italy)

— Jorge Marchini (EDI, prof. at the univ. of Buenos Aires,, Argentina)

— Carlos Marichal (Collegio de Mexico, autor of “A century of Debt Crisis in Latin America”, Mexico)

— Cristiano Morsolin (Observador independiente sobre la región andina SELVAS - , Italia)

— Gloria Martinez (independent economist, Mexico)

— Osvaldo Martinez (Director del Centro de Investigacion sobre la Economia Mundial -CIEM- Cuba)

— Gustave Massiah (President of CRID, vice-president of ATTAC-France)

— Nicolas Maystre (Economist, University of Genève, CADTM Switzerland)

— Damien Millet (president of CADTM France, coauthor of « Who Owes Who ? », France)

— Francisco L. Mieres (Academia de Ciencias Económicas - Cátedra Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso -Economía Petrolera- Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela)

— Cristiano Morsolin (independent observer on the Andean region SELVAS - , Italy - Latin America)

— Paulo Nakatani (Sociedade Brasileira de Economia Política - SEP, coordinator of Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Conjuntura and professor at the Federal univ. de Espírito Santo, Brazil)

— Eric Guy Arthur Olokilikoko (Assistant de recherche et doctorant à l’Université de Genève, Congo Brazzaville)

— Malik Özden (in charge of the Human Rights Programme at CETIM, Switzerland)

— Patricio Pazmiño Freire (Lawyer, Ecuador)

— Guillermo F. Parodi (Prof University Asunción Paraguay)

— Rogate Reuben Mshana (Economic Justice, World Council of Churches,, Tanzania)

— Florian Rochat (Director of CETIM, Switzerland)

— Jeff Rudin (Jubilee South Africa,, South Africa)

— Marta Ruiz (research coordinator CNCD, Belgium)

— Hugo Ruiz Diaz Balbuena (legal advisor to CADTM, Ph. D. Catholic Univ. of Louvain, Belgium-France)

— Arup Rahee (LOKOJ Institute, Dhaka,, Bangladesh)

— Alfredo Saad Filho (Senior Lecturer in Political Economy of Development, University of London, Great Britain)

— Pierre Salama (Economist, France)

— Alexis Saludjian (Economist, France)

— Catherine Samary (University of Paris Dauphine, France)

— Marlen Sanchez Gutierez (Ph. D. univ. of La Habana, CIEI, Centro de Investigaciones de Economia Internacional, Cuba)

— John Saxe Fernandez and Gian Carlo Delgado (UNAM, Mexico)

— Alejandro Teitelbaum (lawyer, University of Buenos Aires, postgraduate studies in international economic relations, IEDES, Université de Paris I)

— Rómulo Torres (Red Jubileo, Peru)

— Eric Toussaint (CADTM, Ph D. univ. of Liège and Paris VIII, Belgium)

— Oscar Ugarteche (author “The False Dilemma”, Zedbooks-London, Peru)

— Fidel Vascós González (Economist, Cuba)

— Alejandro Valle Baeza (Profesor de Facultad de Economia, UNAM, Mexico)

— Francois-Xavier Verschave (Economist, president of Survie,, author of L’envers de la dette, Agone, 2001, France)

— Alex Wilks (Coordinator Eurodad, UK)

— David Woodward (Director, Global and National Economies, nef -the New Economics Foundation- UK)

— Arnaud Zacharie (Director at CNCD, Centre National de Coopération au Développement,, Belgium).

- Members of Parliament :

— Belgium : Pierre Galand, senator

— Brazil : Dra Claire da Flora Martins, member of federal congress

— France : Francis Wurtz, Euro-MP

— Mali : Boubacar Touré, député à l’Assemblée nationale du Mali

— Philippines : Mario Joyo Aguja, MP

— Venezuela : Farah Antor, Parlamento andino-MP.
Victor Chirinos, Parlatino-MP

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