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[PICTURES] The International Debt Observatory is launched in Brussels

10 October 2005

On Monday 10th October, the International Debt Observatory (IDO), was launched at Parliament House in Brussels, Belgium. African, Asian and Latin-American representatives were present, as were anti-debt campaign-leaders, social and citizens’ movements, trade-unionists, jurists, NGO members and members of parliament from Brazil, the Philippines, Mali and Venezuela.

Victor Chirinos (Latin American Parliament, Venezuela) (JPEG) 550.8 kb

Boubacar Touré (National Assembly, Mali) (JPEG) 593.1 kb

Victor Chirinos (Ve), Jorge Marchini (Arg), Eric Toussaint (Belg). (JPEG) 589.9 kb

Camille Chalmers (PAPDA, Haïti). (JPEG) 536.1 kb

Camille Chalmers (Ha.), Jorge Marchini (Arg) & Victor Chirimos (Ven). (JPEG) 1.5 Mb

Munif Mulhem (AGAS, Syria) & Fathi Chamki (RAID-ATTAC, Tunisia). (JPEG) 1.4 Mb

Preparation of the press conference. (JPEG) 1.3 Mb

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