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Damien Millet- Eric Toussaint

The Debt in Figures

by Damien Millet- Eric Toussaint

27 February 2009

A necessary tool to understand the current global crisis, the data collected here by Damien Millet and Eric Toussaint (CADTM) should enable us to make sense of one of the basic reasons for the international situation, as seen from the viewpoint of the global South. From the 1960s to today’s global crisis, the international network of the CADTM has constantly kept a critical eye on the world economy and the mechanisms of domination that affect it. Analysing various statistics is essential to identify what is really at stake and to propose suitable alternatives. Human mal-development, inequality, odious debt, financial transfers, the prices of raw materials, the World Bank and the IMF - all the figures included in this vade-mecum for 2009 are derived from reliable sources and have been carefully examined by the CADTM team.

Far from the long-winded ramblings of the dominant discourse, the CADTM’s handbook simply lays out the stark reality in figures. These are the facts we need to fuel reflection about how to lay the foundations of a radically different economic logic, both socially just and environmentally sustainable.

The Debt in figures 2009 (PDF) 170.7 kb

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