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João Márcio Mendes Pereira

The World Bank’s contemporary agrarian policy: aims, logics and lines of action

by João Márcio Mendes Pereira

22 August 2005

There’s a World Bank (WB) offensive going on over the formulation of the agrarian policy
of the national States with a double objective: on one hand, to market land access through the neoliberal change of the state apparatus, in order to favor the free flow of workforce in the countryside, stimulate private investment on rural economy and potentialize the subordinate
integration of punctual parcels of the peasantry to the agro-industrial circuit, ruled by big corporations; on the other hand, to alleviate rural poverty in a focused manner, specially on situations where social tensions on the countryside may reach “dangerous” levels for the safety of
private capital and/or the stability of the present political order.

João Márcio Mendes Pereira
Historian, History doctorate student at Universidade Federal Fluminense/Brazil

(PDF) 130.9 kb

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