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John Dillon

Will US Debt Lead to a Financial Crisis?

by John Dillon

22 February 2006

KAIROS Debt E-Bulletin Feb. 21, 2006 (Vol.2, Issue #2)

"Will US debt lead to a financial crisis?" is the title of a new KAIROS briefing paper on debt and finance issues.

This paper is an abriged and updated version of a discussion paper first prepared for the South North Consultation on "Resistance and Alternatives to Debt Domination held in havana last September.

The paper discusses the prospects for a global financial crisis caused by the USA’s huge external debts. It discusses some of the implications for Canada as well as how a financial crisis might create conditions for mass defaults or repudiations of illegitimate debts by Southern countries.

To order a paper copy or to be removed from this list please contact John Dillon, Program Coordinator, Global Economic Justice at KAIROS,

Download this paper (PDF) 231.1 kb

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