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Solidarity with the people of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia:

by Eric Toussaint- CADTM

1 June 2014

Since May 17, floods in the Balkans have taken a heavy toll with 17 deaths in Serbia, 27 in Bosnia and 2 in Croatia. The IMF has taken advantage of the situation to offer Bosnia an “aid package” on condition that the Bosnian government agrees to carry out certain economic reforms. Exactly what form these will take has not yet been made public.

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The Debt Crisis : From Europe to Where?

by Damien Millet,Daniel Munevar, Eric Toussaint, Renaud Vivien

2 May 2014

Via internet, CADTM is very pleased to make this book, "Debt crisis from Europe to Where ?" published by VAK in Mumbai (India), available to a wide public. It may be freely copied by other sites and reproduced for non profit uses provided that a link to the CADTM website is clearly visible (www.cadtm.org). Feel free to send your comments and information on the personal or collective use you make of this book to info@cadtm.org. Your messages will be forwarded to the authors.

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Stagnating economy, thriving finance

by Costas Lapavitsas

21 April 2014

The real issue, however, is whether mature economies are in long-term stagnation and not merely performing poorly after the crisis. Long-term stagnation is a very serious problem as incomes suffer, employment becomes weak, welfare declines, economic instability is exacerbated, and social tensions rise.

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New European Union development cooperation strategies in Latin America

by Eurodad

29 June 2013

At a time when European Union institutions are discussing how to improve their financing modalities under the work of the EU blending platform, this report discusses the growing role that financial institutions and the European private sector are playing in development cooperation policies between the EU and Latin America

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EU-US deal could unleash a "corporate litigation boom"

by Kanaga Raja

16 June 2013

Investor-state dispute settlement under the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the Untied States would empower EU and US-based corporations "to engage in litigious wars of attrition to limit the power of governments on both sides of the Atlantic,"

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Euromediterranean meeting on debt and audits

by Eurodad

17 March 2012

On Saturday, April 7th an Euromediterranean meeting on debt and audits will be held in Brussels in order to greater knowledge and empower coordinated actions among campaigners.

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More Pain, No Gain for Greece

by Mark Weisbrot, Luis Alberto Montecino

12 March 2012

New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro. It looks at Greece’s experience with “internal devaluation” and finds there’s a high risk of continued prolonged recession

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European Movements are planning mass protests

by European Action Conference

10 March 2012

Declaration of the European Action Conference in Frankfurt on February 26th, 2012 against policies of pauperization decided to call for days of protest from May 17th to May 19th.

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Lost billions: Transfer pricing in the extractive industries

by Alex Marriage

18 February 2012

Eurodad partners Publish What You Pay Norway has released a new report on transfer pricing in the extractive industries

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GREECE- Protests escalate.

by News Agencies

12 February 2012

Mobilisations that began Friday, February 11th, throughout the country continue on Saturday, on the second day of a general strike with the participation of both the public and private sector.

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