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Mexico’s Election: It’s the Economy Stupid

by Mark Weisbrot

5 July 2012

While some have noticed that the economy has played a role in the election, almost no commentators seem to appreciate the depth of Mexico’s economic failure.


Public Debt in Thailand from 1997 - 2010.

by Naphon Phumma

5 July 2012

Even during the global current crisis, the government has financed its spending by issuing new lots of government bonds that are valued in the form of the Baht.


Greece is the lab where the new shock therapy is being applied

by Despina Papageorgiou

17 June 2012

Interview to Eric Toussaint, President of CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt) by the Greek monthly political magazine “Crash” (June 2012 issue)


Greece already defaulted on the creditors’ terms; what they fear is default on the debtor’s terms

by Christina Laskaridis

19 May 2012

What is being witnessed in Greece is a full blown example of being trapped in the debtor’s prison of current sovereign debt resolution mechanisms, where creditors are both judge and jury


Seismic election results in Greece

by Eric Toussaint

9 May 2012

,Syriza, the radical left-wing coalition comes first in all major cities and among people aged18-35,,Its campaign advocated suspending debt payment and cancelling austerity measures


Battle to save UNCTAD’s mandate

by Martin Khor

19 April 2012

UNCTAD was set up in 1964 to support developing countries to strengthen their weak position in international economic structures, and to design national development strategies.
In the past two decades, however, the developed countries have tried to curb the pro-South orientation of the UNCTAD secretariat and its many reports.


The Arab Spring and international debt: Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain’s debt to Norway

by Alex Marriage - EURODAD

5 April 2012

Eurodad partners Norwegian Church Aid and SLUG have released a new report on Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain’s debts to Norway



by News Agencies

2 April 2012

Just hours after a general strike, which magnitude and extension were denied, Spain’s government has announced $36 billion in new budget cuts, as it attempts to reassure the European Union that it will not need a financial bailout.


Greece: the neo-colonial loan agreement explained

by Leonidas Vatikiotis

2 April 2012

This is a suicidal term, preventing the government from using the legal tools that even the creditor friendly Papademos government activated in order to turn an insufficient voluntary participation to the bond swap into a coercive one.


Euromediterranean meeting on debt and audits

by Eurodad

17 March 2012

On Saturday, April 7th an Euromediterranean meeting on debt and audits will be held in Brussels in order to greater knowledge and empower coordinated actions among campaigners.


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